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The JK-Meshi! Challenge

I’m not much of a chef, though I recognise this as a fault and want to improve my culinary skills. Luckily, this feeling came around the same time as a show called JK-Meshi!, a series of high school girl anime shorts, each featuring a recipe.

The JK-Meshi! Challenge

The unique selling point was that these recipes were very simple and easy to make with leftover ingredients available from the larder.

From the indexed series of blog posts below, that will probably never be fully comprehensive, you’ll learn how that mission statement isn’t always adhered to.

  • Episode 1: “Special” miso soup [Episode] [Post]
  • Episode 2: Mackerel rice [Episode]
  • Episode 3: “Potato salad,” a Ruriko special [Episode]
  • Episode 4: Frozen shrimp gratin [Episode]
  • Episode 5: Reina’s “special” pizza [Episode]
  • Episode 6: Instant udon noodles and octopus balls [Episode]
  • Episode 7: Fried chocolate dumplings [Episode]
  • Episode 8: Cup noodles + egg custard [Episode]
  • Episode 9: Candy rice, another Ruriko special [Episode]
  • Episode 10: Potato crisp congee [Episode]
  • Episode 11: Okonomiyaki rice [Episode]
  • Episode 12: Furikake chips [Episode]
  • Episode 13: Curry-flavoured camembert with pretzels [Episode]
  • Episode 14: Breaded chicken doria with dried fruit [Episode]
  • Episode 15: Pancakes with “secret sauce” [Episode]
  • Episode 16: Carbonara toast [Episode]
  • Episode 17: Double corn soup [Episode]
  • Episode 18: Rice cooker okonomiyaki featuring courgettes [Episode]
  • Episode 19: Spicy chocolate mug cake [Episode]
  • Episode 20: Fruit “panna cotta” with tofu [Episode]
  • Episode 21: “Buh-nah-nah” pie [Episode]
  • Episode 22: Avocado with cod roe [Episode]
  • Episode 23: Temari lucky fortune sushi [Episode]
  • Episode 24: Piña Colada mocktails with gummi bears [Episode]
  • Episode 25: Three Point chocolate bars [Episode]
  • Episode 26: Universe jelly [Episode]